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A reward may be available for anyone with information for the Coast Guard regarding the destruction of the light and electronics of the Grays Harbor North Channel Range F Rear Light, south of the Bowerman Airport, near Hoquiam, Washington.

Rewards payable to persons giving information leading to a conviction in such cases can be up to one half of any assessed fine.

Grays Harbor North Channel Range F Rear Light¸ which serves as an aid to navigation for vessels transiting in and out of the channel has been vandalized twice within the last two weeks.

“This range rear light is part of aids to navigation system meant to keep vessels from running aground and in turn helping to protect the environment,” said Timothy Westcott, aids to navigation damage claim manager, Coast Guard 13th District. “This vandalism puts both the boating community and sensitive natural habitats at risk.”

The maximum penalties for damaging or destroying aids to navigation, depending on the statute and the nature of the violation, are up to 20 years imprisonment and as much as a $2,500 fine per day.

Anyone who has information regarding this vandalism should contact the duty Coast Guard Waterways Management officer at 503-572-3524.

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